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Here is the new WHITEHORSE record, this is a compilation CD called « 2007-2012 » with several tracks taken from vinyl splits and singles released during 5 years between their first full lenght and their second one « Raised into Darkness », just released this year by Vendetta Records.
The australian sextet is one of the biggest sludge scene sensations during these last years and played the « Roadburn Festival » and the « Heavy Days in Doomtown Festival » this year. Of course, their music is very loud and slow but you can easily hear noisy tones and agressive sounds directly taken from their punk-hardcore influences.
In the same vein of their first record « Progression » released in 2011 by At A Loss Recordings (BARONESS, KYLESA, BLACK COBRA, etc.), WHITEHORSE go on preaching heavyness and darkness in their music with this six songs CD.


1. untitled
2. untitled II
3. fierce reprisal
4. bloodsick
5. no passage
6. dark age

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