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With their highly-anticipated sophomore release, Wildernessking have announced in formal tones their alliance with the aforementioned faction—the contemporary ‘post-black metal’ movement; and where their previous efforts offered some small intimation of their passage beyond black metal’s tired, traditional idiom, all the concomitant, musical cues and elements appear on their latest offering, and in unabashed abundance: from the frantic, swirling, stampeding immediacy of its nascent moments, to the steady, unfurling euphoria to which it eventually succumbs, only to crescendo in bold reprise at the last—triumphant; Wildernessking are progressing without pretention or platitude, but with boundless wonder and enthralling self-possession, and deserve to be numbered among the little-known luminaries responsible for reviving and redefining black metal as we know it.


1. White Horses
2. I Will Go To Your Tomb
3. To Transcend
4. With Arms Like Wands
5. If You Leave

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