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Over the last 25 years Scott « Wino » Weinrich has defined heavy music and is truly the Godfather of the movement. Starting with the Obsessed, and Saint Vitus and onto his mind-blowing power trios: Spirit Caravan and The Hidden Hand his virtuosity on six strings is matched perfectly with his soulful vocals and powerful lyrics. But as us Wino freaks know he has always graciously shared the spotlight with his band members. Even though it was Wino we came to see and hear he seemed to understand the power of the chemistry of the bands he was leading. His selflessness seems unnecessary considering his talents but it was his decision to equally share the glory.
After the demise of his last group: The Hidden Hand, Wino did not rest. With new found energy he completed the writing of many new songs and decided to enlist the help of some friends to help realize his new musical vision. The idea was not to start a new power trio with a new name as before. This time it was about finding players who would help realize his songs the way he wanted them. This more « Wino »- focused direction was fleshed out with the help of 2 amazing musicians: Jean Paul Gaster (Clutch, The Bakerton Group) on drums and Jon Blank (Rezin) on bass. « Punctuated Equilibrium » was recorded by J. Robbins who has worked extensively with both the Hidden Hand and Clutch in the past.


1. Release Me
2. Punctuated Equilibrium
3. The Woman In The Orange Pants
4. Smilin’ Road
5. Eyes of the Flesh
6. Wild Blue Yonder
7. Secret Realm Devotion
8. Water Crane
9. Gods, Frauds, Neo-Cons and Demagogues
10. Silver Lining

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