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Following up their acclaimed “South Of Salem” comeback album, “Cauldron Of The Wild” is WITCH MOUNTAIN’s triumphant follow-up and the best work the American cult doom metal band have delivered in their career. Making up for quite a bit of lost time after their hiatus of sorts prior to “South Of Salem”, WITCH MOUNTAIN have never been on fire as they are now. And “Cauldron Of The Wild” is a reflection of the band’s entire career, culminating to the present day with a big fucking bang.

With the band’s brand of soulful, dirge-like, and bluesy amplifier-worship doom that becomes graced with the soaring vocals of Uta Plotkin, “Cauldron Of The Wild” is a surging and massive opus, while at the same time, one that’s introspective and moving.


1. The Ballad Of Lanky Rae
2. Beekeeper
3. Shelter
4. Veil Of The Forgotten
5. Aurelia
6. Never Know

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