WITCHCRAFT – the alchemist – CD

CDrise above records2007


The Alchemist shows a group of musicians at ease with their playing and song writing. Here is a band that does not rely on distortion and down-tuned guitars, with screaming vocals to achieve a heavy sound. There’s is a heaviness, which is more of a soulful feeling than a simple gnarly roar. Check out ‘Hey Doctor’ for proof of this; addictive melodies flow simultaneously with crushingly heavy riffs, whilst remarkably managing to maintain a relaxed and laid back feel throughout.
The intricate contrasts between the albums heavier moments and gentle psychedelic passages create a truly alluring and varied atmosphere, reflecting the mind of musical Alchemist/ bandleader Magnus Pelander at work.


1. Walk Between The Lines
2. If Crimson Was Your Colour
3. Leva
4. Hey Doctor
5. Samaritan Burden
6. Remembered
7. Alchemist

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