WITCHCRAFT – witchcraft – CD

CDrise above records2004


‘Witchcraft’, is a record which conjures up the macabre essence of vintage Pentagram and, of course Black Sabbath whilst incorporating influences as wide apart as the Jethro Tullesque folky prog of « Her Sisters They Were Weak », and the bludgen riffing style of early 70’s Bang in « I Want You to Know ». Elsewhere, « Schyssta Lögner » evokes memories of Sweden’s original hard rocking progsters Novembre and the inclusion of the cover « Please Don’t Forget Me » from Bobby Leibling’s 1970 pre-Pentagram outfit Stone Bunny pays further homage to his criminally overlooked genius.


1. Witchcraft
2. The Snake
3. Please Don’t Forget Me
4. Lady Winter
5. What I Am
6. Schyssta Lögner
7. No Angel or Demon
8. I Want You To Know
9. It’s So Easy
10. You Bury Your Head
11. Her Sisters They Were Weak

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