WITCHSORROW – witchsorrow

CDrise above records2010


Doom Metal just refuses to die. Despite being at odds with literally every other five-minute trend that has come in & out of fashion over the years, the sincerity and passion Doom cannot be squandered by bogus scenesters and lame fads.
Recorded at Foel Studios (Amon Duul II, Blue Cheer, Van Der Graaf Generator, Groundhogs, Hawkwind, Napalm Death etc) and produced by Chris Fielding, from the melancholic strains of opener The Agony, Witchsorrow is a massive treat for fans of slow and true heavy Doom Metal. Don’t expect anything radically new or particularly original, as that’s not really the point. Yes, the usual themes of Witches being burned at the stake, sorcery and sin are all here but done with such a passion that conviction supersedes any sense of pretence. Heavy they are and here they are; Witchsorrow. Doom or be Doomed!


1. the agony
2. the trial of elizabeth clarke
3. gomorrah
4. thou art cursed
5. impaler, tepes

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