WOLFBRIGADE – the enemy : reality – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)southern lord recordings2019


On the wind-bitten plains of Skaraborg, Sweden, the wolves have arisen once again. They are on the prowl, yearning for your blood, warm and fresh. On their tenth full-length album Wolfbrigade go deep and they are ruthless. This time they have only submitted to themselves; from recording to production and art work. Working in isolation resulted in sharpened ears and teeth. The ten songs rip into both body and mind, with no holds barred regarding power, substance and melody.
This time around, Wolfbrigade’s hybrid beast of Swedish hardcore and death metal known as Lycanthro Punk has become even more distinct. These ten tracks of destruction display both a love for 80’s metal hooks and intros, as well as primitive hardcore brutality.
The lyrics dissect the state of human existence, the bizarre animal presence that we are. The naked apes. Exploring the dynamics that rule man. Power and submission. Manipulation. The injustices of inequality. This is an album seething with anger and frustration.
_ Humans are a narcissistic breed, incapable of real change. This album is a way for us to deal with the fact that we are one of a large pack, submitting to the same societal norms as everyone else. No matter how much we would like it to be different. We are all on the same crazy trip.


1. Sum of All Vices
2. Fire Untamed
3. The Wolfman
4. Hammer to the Skull
5. Narcissitic Breed

1. Nightmare of Wolves
2. Doomsday Dominion
3. Wells of Despair
4. Human Beast
5. Hunt the Hunter

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