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Nonetheless, the Worm Ouroboros debut is probably the closest thing we’ll ever hear to a follow up to The Gault’s incredible album “Even As All Before Us”, the only album they ever put out, mainly because Worm Ouroboros bassist/vocalist Lorraine Rath was one of the main songwriters responsible for The Gault right alongside her former songwriting partner, namely John Gossard of WEAKLING and ASUNDER fame (and we all know of Gossard’s musical pedigree and genius). Hence it would be natural that Rath’s songwriting foundation, ever so evident in The Gault, slithers its way with ease into the immaculate sound picture that Worm Ouroboros conjure. It is also noteworthy that Lorraine Rath was one of the main composers that took part in Amber Asylum’s “Still Point” masterwork, and the soothing dark sounds that encapsulated said release also find their way into the dreamy and brooding soundscapes of Worm Ouroboros.


1. Through Glass
2. A Birth A Death
3. Winter
4. Goldeneye
5. Failing Moon
6. Riverbed
7. Brittle Heart
8. Pearls
9. A Death A Birth

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