WOVENHAND – the threshingfloor – CD

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Two years after the release of the critically acclaimed Ten Stones, Wovenhand and Glitterhouse Records have decided to join forces again. The first result is the new album, The Threshingfloor”. Wovenhand continues to be one of the most unique and exquisitely intense bands, both in live performance as well as recorded material. Free of any boundaries and crossing into new territories, David Eugene Edwards delivers “The Threshingfloor” Wovenhands’ 6th album and masterpiece, in which he unleashes a maelstrom of fierce conviction that is as captivating as it is deeply spiritual. First off, there is David Eugene Edwards´ unmistakably enigmatic voice; pervasive and persuasive, tortured yet tender. The music, diverse in style, instrumentation and delivery, is never easy to corner, and though many have tried, no simple tag can be applied to this artist and his music. Each person must experience it for themselves and come to their own conclusion… For this album, Wovenhand has returned to work with producer/engineer Robert Ferbrache, a one-time lap-steel player in Sixteen Horsepower who runs Absinthe Studios in Colorado, USA.


1. Sinking Hands
2. The Threshing Floor
3. A Holy Measure
4. Raise Her Hands
5. His Rest
6. Singing Grass
7. Behind Your Breath
8. Thruth
9. Terre Haute
10. Orchard Gate
11. Wheatstraw
12. Denver City

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