WRIGHT, SHANNON – providence – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)vicious circle records2019


Shannon Wright is an utterly distinctive songwriter coated in raw, indelible fury. Wright’s songwriting hypnotizes, whether she’s igniting her ravenous guitar, or swirling her remarkable trance-inducing piano, Wright’s intensity draws you in and refuses to let up, therein lies the real beauty of her music.
Wright’s voice penetrates to the heart. Its dynamics diffuse into a state close to amazement, leaving you helpless, rinsed and filled. But it’s the strength of the great writers that draw you out to make you stronger.
All of Wright’s albums are different in character with a consistent unflinching honesty, this somber honesty marks her music’s timeless quality and her indispensable discography.
Brimming with urgency on stage or recording, it is this ecstatic, intricate power that defines Wright’s luminous live shows and her incandescent studio albums. Neither to be missed.


1. Fragments
2. These present arms
3. Close the door
4. Somedays

1. Providence
2. Wish you well
3. Disguises

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