YALDABAOTH – that which whets the saccharine palate – CD digipack

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Seeping forth from the cracks of man’s doubt, Yaldabaoth’s ‘That Which Whets The Saccharine Palate’ is a study of disgust, contempt, and mockery for all of religion’s existential justifications. Set to the backing of technical black/death metal that is at moments pummeling and others ominous, the album explores the fractures and faults of devout belief. Dripping in cynicism, Yaldabaoth grants no god or faith a reprieve from their cynical view.


1. Fecund Godhead Deconstruction
2. Megas Archon 365
3. Gomorrahan Grave Of The Sodomite
4. To Neither Rot Nor Decay
5. That Which Whets The Saccharine Palate
6. Mock Divine Fury

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