YAWNING MAN – macedonian lines – VINYL LP (transparent yellow with purple splatter)

VINYL LP (transparent yellow with purple splatter)heavy psych sounds records2019


Yawning Man continues to establish their exceptionally unique approach to rock music on their latest album, “Macedonian Lines” (via Heavy Psych Sounds Records).
This follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Revolt Against Tired Noises’ shows a further maturing of melody, dynamics and emotion in the bands song writing.
Yawning Man’s roots definitely lay at the foundation of the desert rock and stoner rock sub genres. However, the music the band creates is truly organic and visceral; constantly conjuring a flowing imagery, and a emotional response.
On this release, the band has a darker, and massively heavier sound than past recordings, as most of these tracks were developed in live performances and then, fully realized in the studio. Yawning Man returned to Gatos Trail Studio in the Joshua Tree California desert to record this album, and the space and beauty of the surroundings is ever present in every single track.
Heavy, beautiful, delicate…Gary Arce, Mario Lalli and Bill Stinson continue to expand and dig deep with every track


1. Virtual Funeral
2. Macedonian Lines
3. Melancholy Sadie

1. Bowie’s Last Breath
2. I’m Not a Real Indian (but I play one on TV)
3. I Make Weird Choices

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