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CD digipackhammerheart records2011


Belgium’s Your Highness is the epitome of 21st century metal excellence. Channelling a repertoire of thick heavy blues riffs and power chugs, Your Highness deliver a powerhouse of thrash ‘n’ roll. Their bludgeoning sound has the energy and brawn of old Mastodon and High on Fire met with the behemoth riffs of The Sword. Song for song, this album possesses an abrasive, non stop, kick in the groin dynamic that will leave you pounding your fist and wishing you had a motorcycle. There’s a hint of an American “hipster metal” vibe lingering, which renders it no surprise that Your Highness has carried their weight alongside an agglomeration of legendary US acts including Saviours, Lords, Cough and Black Cobra. Your Highness have managed to concretize the heaviest metal formula. The inexorable energy demonstrated from start to finish could wear out the most ebullient of metal enthusiasts. Hook after hook of deviated chugging patterns will assuredly leave you with an onerous hangover. Everything from the vocals to musical composition showcase a sense of brutality and unyielding conviction. Your Highness is a force to be acknowledged.


1. Through The Eyes Of The Beast
2. Gut This City
3. The Rivening
4. Skull Goblet
5. Cults ‘N’ Cunts
6. Pagan Warrior
7. Emmets Of The Hillock
8. Hoogheid

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