Z’EV – eleven mirrors to the light

CDcold spring records2015


Z’EV completes an alchemical exploration of Concord and Dissonance that began with the cosmological equations of Sum Things and then clasped the elemental quintet of air, water, fire, earth and spirit in A Handful of Elements. Now, with Eleven Mirrors to the Light, Z’EV plays with the intersection of light and dark, catching waves of luminescence between prisms and mirrors that fragments particles into shimmering washes of sound. Z’EV’s trademark percussion transforms into glistening soundscapes and drones, one part subterranean and another subatomic.


1. Aina
2. Eadrom
3. Spell
4. Feny
5. Mirall
6. Svetlo
7. Espejo
8. Marama
9. Salamin
10. Golau
11. Kathreftis

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